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The world is ever changing and often businesses are faced with one of two unpalatable choices. Either leave your website static and unchanging for years on end, so it's telling your users about who you were many years ago not who you are today. Or pay exorbitant fees to apply even the smallest change in text, let alone a design refresh or a complete new design.

The BeaconBee system on the other hand is built around the central idea that your website should be a dynamic presence reflecting the changes in your activities and market as they happen. Which is why every aspect of your website is easily and quickly changeable at no additional cost. Whether you want to tweak the design or even replace it altogether with a new one, add or change pages, upload new pictures or the latest news. Everything to do with your website is changeable by you, instantly.

But we did not stop there, we added all those high end premium features used to justify the over inflated pricing of some products like Forms Manager, RSS Syndication, Extranets, eNewsletters and full eCommerce to name just a few with more added all the time. We are constantly looking at adding more value to our offering by incorporating more useful features you need.

This is all made possible thanks to our advanced technology which brings together all the elements of success for a website in one easy to use, powerful and flexible.

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